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Joseph has over 28 years of experience in executive management services for real estate project development. He has worked on MMC Group ventures in Canada and across the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. His real estate experience focuses on mixed-use communities, hotels, resorts, and entertainment facilities. His expertise covers all owner-developer aspects including finance, operations, design, management, marketing and sales.  Joseph has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a major in Marketing from Concordia University, Montreal.

Antoine Maalouf

Antoine is the founder and sole director of MMC Group. He has done business internationally, notably in Europe, North and South America and in the Middle East, active in various industries, including real estate, leisure and entertainment, infrastructure as well as food and agriculture. Originally based in Lebanon, Antoine moved to Canada in 1975 and conducted his international business from Montreal until relocating to Monaco, for another 40 years. 

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