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Selected Achievements

In the 70’s

  • The TETRA group for animal husbandry and the food business for Eastern and Western Europe, particularly Germany, Spain, Italy, and Hungary.


In the 80’s

  • Construction and supply of food business housing units for production and distribution in the Middle-East;

  • Promotion of several residential and commercial buildings in France and Spain;

  • Development and construction of a $70M Theme Park in the South of France;

  • Development of third party Theme Parks in Italy, Spain, and the Middle-East.


In the 90’s

  • Participation in the project “SOLIDERE” for the reconstruction of downtown Beirut, Lebanon;

  • BOT development (Build Operate Transfer) of a $600M highway network in Lebanon;

  • Development and promotion of a 17-floor $100M residential complex in Monte-Carlo;

  • BOT development of a 6000-student University City in Lebanon;

  • Development of a $50M food business complex in Tula, Russia;

  • Development of a 25-year oil concession in Oriental Siberia, including drilling, pipelines, and refineries;

  • Development of the Tribe Entertainment Group in Los Angeles, for a $50M traveling entertainment complex.


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